GV Sports Pvt Ltd provides short to medium-term financing to leading sporting organisations. Established in 2010, the company supports the development of sporting facilities across small and large towns and cities in India as well as overseas.

GV Sports understands the impact of sport on the development of individuals, especially if nurtured from a young age. They work towards fostering a collaborative culture where talented sportsmen and women train to develop their performance and form exceptional teams through innovative and educational techniques. Moreover, they are encouraged and supported to own their skill-sets to increase productiveness and effectiveness; whilst inspiring them to focus on the integrity of the sport.

Their core areas of expertise are:
Funding sporting facilities for both educational and commercial purposes
Funding player acquisition and transfers
Team acquisition finance
Supporting gifted young sportsmen and women with future potential
GV Sports is dedicated and committed to the diverse needs of the industry as well as the individuals and communities that benefit from it. The company’s vision is to encourage innovative thinking, offer unique and diverse insights and offer exceptional customer service in the field of sport.
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