Environment and communities
At Gadoya, we are determined to lead by example within the markets we operate. Managing our environmental impact continues to be our priority. As much as we’re focused on contributing to the economy as a viable business, we are also keen supporters of sustainable technologies that protect the environment. It’s an integral part of our overall commitment to be a responsible enterprise and it also makes great business sense.

By engaging with our partners globally, we continually make positive contributions to our environment and local communities through sponsorships, charitable donations, sustainable process and product development as well as a number of other in-house initiatives.

At Gadoya, we understand the significance of communication, both internal and external. We believe that open dialogue empowers individuals and companies alike. Through shared interactions, we can utilize the best asset that we possess – our people. Our managers, take advantage of several tools such as intranets, video conferencing and online collaboration to encourage dialogue amongst teams.

Technology and People
Ever changing technology means that we need to constantly transform our work processes and technology to keep up with the changing environment. At Gadoya, our team of strategists are always a step ahead. By building on technology, market knowledge and innovation strategies, we constantly improve our working environment for our employees.